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The Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish is one of the most popular aquarium fish.For betta enthusiasts who are interested in wild betta conservation, the IBC hosts the Species Maintenance Program, which focuses on preserving wild betta species and assisting betta keepers in caring for wild bettas bred in captivity.The Betta Fish Care Guide covers the entire spectrum of betta care.

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The best known Betta species is B. splendens, commonly known as the Siamese fighting fish.

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This HUGE list of the 12 Best Betta Fish Tanks look great and give you a great start on caring for your Betta.Fin rot can be tricky to spot on your betta, especially if they have dark fins, if it is a mild case, or if the fish is a crown tail.Browse betta fish aquariums available in different sizes and styles for the right one for your pet.

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Pet parents who want to pick up multiple betta fish for sale are strongly urged to keep them in separate tanks.Betta fish are known for their intense reaction when put in the same bowl as another betta.

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One of the more popular breeds of betta fish is the crown tail betta which is known for its unique tail design.

Benefits And...Betta fish have a reputation for being feisty, territorial and all-around bad tank mates.

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If we are lucky we will see our fish live out their full lives and eventually cede to natural causes.

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Hi, I recently just lost one of my female betta fish in my 10 gallon fish tank.

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Let the bag float in the aquarium for 10 to 15 minutes so your betta can adjust to the new water temperature in the aquarium. 2. Unfasten the bag and let the open end hang freely over the top edge of the tank.The list should include the betta tank (females like larger tanks), betta food, live plants, and lastly your betta fish.

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Find best value and selection for your Self Cleaning Betta Fish Desktop Aquarium NoClean Aquariums search on eBay.

Features: Freshwater Only, Perfect for a Betta or Small Fish, Requires (4) AAA.Betta Fish Tanks come in so many different shapes, sizes and brands it can be hard to know which is best.

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Buy products such as Aqua Culture 10-Gallon Glass Aquarium at Walmart and save.

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Find great deals on eBay for fish tanks for sale and used aquariums.Bettas are a popular pet fish, requiring little space and an easy diet of flake foods.

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Create a wonderful environment for your betas with this Top Fin Betta Duplex Betta Tank.

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This tank is divided in two so that you may house one betta on each side, and features a lid with a feeding hole as well to make feeding a breeze.

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Betta fish are best kept individually, either in Betta bowls or in fish tanks smaller than five gallons.In fact, it is good if you do feel a little worried, it proves you care and want to learn.